Traveling Raw.. sky high tips.

Traveling outside our everyday environment with out all our favorite healthy resources and routines in place can be an excuse for making poor choices and letting our health and well being suffer. But it’s not a good excuse.  With a little research and planning travel can be healthful and easy.

I booked my flight from San Francisco California to Bangkok Thailand two days before I was scheduled to fly and immediately went on line to see what meal options the airline could provide.  There were a total of … options on Singapore Air.  From Lacto Ovo Vegetarian to Kosher to Wheat Free, and yes – even a Raw Fruits and Vegetable plate!  (which I proceeded to order)  Choosing a special meals on the plane is a great start, it might still be airplane food but you have just increased your chances of getting something more healthful to eat.  Next I grabbed some ziplock bags and packaged some snacks including my favorite home blend raw trail mix, some homemade dehydrated crackers, a few raw snack bars, and some tea bags so I could just order hot water and be assured a comforting drink that I like.  Coffee, tea, and alcohol are dehydrating and most of the canned drinks served on flights are all sugar. The day of my flight I cut up some raw veggies and grabbed a few pieces of fruit.  During my layover in Hong Kong I enjoyed a Kale salad packed for me by a good friend in a disposable tupperware as a bon voyage gift.  (Thanks Sunny!) Minimal planning and after my 16 hour journey I feel pretty good.  Now if only I could figure out how to sleep sitting up.  I sure am looking forward to getting a nice long Thai massage…

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