Cheesy Kale Salad

I am sitting here in a big cushy pillow in front of a cozy crackling fire eating a kale salad at the home of one of my long time friends in half moon bay california .   Life is good.  If I had to pick only three foods to be stranded on a desert island with it would be coconuts, raw chocolates, and kale.  The coconuts would keep me hydrated, the kale would keep me nourished and alkalized and the chocolate, well aside from other things it would just make me happy.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy my kale is in a kale salad with a cheesy cashew dressing.  Miso and lemon blended with the cashews  are the key ingredients.

Here is my recipe:

– 1 head of kale
– 1 cup tomato chopped or baby tomatoes
– ½ cup fresh sprouts
– ¼ cup hemp seeds

  1. remove stems and tear leaves into bite sized pieces
  2. place all ingredients except hemp seeds into large bowl


– 1 cup cashews
– 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon
– 2 tbsp white miso
– ½ cup water (more if needed to blend to smooth thick dressing)

  1. blend till smooth
  2. toss with salad ingredients in bowl till evenly coated
  3. sprinkle with hemp seeds and some fresh ground black pepper
  4. served and enjoy immediately!

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