Jillian Love

Visionary Nourishment ~ New Website Coming Soon!

What is Visionary Nourishment?

Eat Plants, Be Healthy, Save The World.

Visionary Nourishment is about aligning our values with our actions and focusing on real, healthy and sustainable food and lifestyle choices.  We ask the question “What is our Vision for our future? And “What actions will move us towards that Vision?” What we eat really does make a difference in the performance, vibrancy and ultimately the longevity and quality of life of our body, and of the planet. Visionary Nourishment is about cultivating intentionality around making conscious food choices. Through our individual as well as collective actions we can nurture health and vibrancy in our bodies and minds, as well as a thriving planet. Our vision for what we choose to eat is based on supporting optimal nourishment, sustainable practices, and of course great taste! The future of food is integral, mindful, intentional, regenerative, plant based and inspiring!